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Why is Dental Treatment Expensive?

Have you ever skipped a visit to a dentist? For some it is the fear of a painful experience, for others it’s the time crunch, but for a large section of the population, it is due to the cost of dental treatment in India.

Dental treatment charges in Kolkata are high for a number of reasons. Read on to understand some factors that influence the cost of dental treatment.

Why is dentistry expensive?

1. Dental treatment by MDS doctors’ costs more:

Dental treatment done by specialists who have specialised in their particular dental department through many years of formal dental education and specialised training costs more. Passing dental school can be an expensive affair, which ultimately reflects in the dental treatment charges. Would you rather pay higher for experienced and skilled doctors and get the best treatment possible or cut costs and compromise with your treatment?

2.Technological and Infrastructural costs involved:

Almost half of the cost of dental treatment made by the patient goes towards running a modern dental practice. A basic dental chair with the necessary trays, lights and components, x-ray machine and compressor can cost lakhs of rupees even today. The surgical tools, equipment, sterilisation machinery used as well as the medications, local anaesthesia and dental materials required in dental procedures like extractions, root canal treatment and even simple fillings contribute to the extravagant cost at the end of the day. Dental infrastructure and equipment are not only expensive to purchase, but also to maintain repair charges sometimes reaching the roof.

3. Overhead charges that cannot be ignored:

Dentist need to pay the rent for their office space, salaries to their clinical and non- clinical staff, taxes to the government bodies, supplies that need constant repurchase, electricity, comfort décor requirements, and the list goes on. The rising cases of COVID 19 added an additional cost of sanitization and precautionary measures for the safety of patients.

4. Partnership with good quality labs:

Dentists who cannot afford to set up an in-house laboratory need to turn to third-party labs and other dental product vendors for things like dentures, crowns and mouth guards. Since we all want our dentists to be partnering with high-quality labs for our work, we need to willing to pay for quality of the lab, the experienced lab technicians, high-end technology and latest sophisticated tools. Quality does come at a price!

5. Non-existent to weak dental insurance coverage:

Cost of dental treatment in India is high because dental insurance option is either weak or non-existent. It might cover cleanings and x-rays, but it will only provide minor cost assistance in high- cost treatments such as dental implants and orthodontic intervention i.e, braces. If you are considering dental insurance, make sure you clarify the procedures covered and you have your expectations in check.

6.You might be the reason behind the high dental bill:

If you have ever wondered why dental treatment charges are so high, maybe you need to introspect a little. Most of us lack seriousness towards oral care. No one takes gum disease as seriously as heart disease. But, ignoring dental health in the beginning can lead to severe damage to your oral and general health in the long run, leading to a high cost of dental treatment.  You can fight high dental treatment charges by simply investing in a good tooth brush, floss and regular dental check-ups.


Dental Treatment

At Dental World Superspeciality Clinics we provide excellent dental treatment and personalised care to each and every patient. Visit us for your regular dental check-up and get the necessary treatments done. Remember, prevention is less expensive than cure!

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