Tongue Tie and The Problems it Causes

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What is Tongue Tie actually? Tongue tie, which is also known as ankyloglossia, is a condition that restricts the tongue’s range of movement. The condition is present from birth. About 4% to 11% of babies are born with tongue ties.  Causes of Tongue Tie There are mainly two reasons for tongue-tie: either the frenum is […]

Sensitive Teeth – Everything You Need To Know

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What is tooth sensitivity? Whenever your teeth feel discomfort or pain as a response to certain stimuli such as after a bite of ice cream or spoonful of hot soup, that is what tooth sensitivity means. The discomfort may be a temporary or persistent problem. Why are teeth sensitive? Teeth sensitivity is mainly caused due […]

Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign

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Invisalign are clear plastic aligners which are specially made for patients who wish to strengthen their teeth to have a more exquisite smile. It is the most modern method of strengthening teeth. It mounts pressure on the affected teeth and slowly shifts them into proper and desired positions in the mouth. They are not made […]

What To Eat and What Not To If You Have Sleep Apnea

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Many of us are surprised when our dentists ask about our sleeping patterns. But actually, the truth is, our oral cavity directly affects the cause of sleep apnea- a sleeping disorder in which breathing starts and stops. What we eat, how we eat, and how our mouths allow the passage of air are all very […]

How to Increase Implant Longevity

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Implant Longevity – Implants are known as the most long-lasting method for tooth replacement. They are really helpful in achieving the most natural-looking smile, which can further provide you with a new sense of confidence. The best thing about implants is that they can last for a lifetime if taken care the right way, just […]


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Yellow Teeth – It is very normal for your teeth to change color over the years. Because, with time, the enamel that covers the teeth becomes thinner and the dentin below the surface begins to show, giving your teeth that yellow appearance. How does it happen? Chemical composites called chromogens give some foods and drinks […]

6 Practical Tips To Improve Your Smile

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Who doesn’t believe in the power of the Smile! A good smile gives an instant boost to self-confidence and is the only makeup one needs to wear in order to look beautiful. A pretty smile comprises a healthy set of teeth and gums which can’t really be achieved overnight, therefore a good oral hygiene routine […]

The link between obesity and gum disease

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Gum disease is an inflammation of gums and the surrounding tissues that support your teeth, leading to bone and tooth loss. Gum diseases causes damage to the soft tissues and eventually, the infection reaches the bone that support the teeth. The infection is usually caused by dental plaque, and research suggests that the bacteria can […]

Fluoride Toothpaste- Is it safe for My Child?

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Is fluoride toothpaste safe for my child? This question has been haunting parents for years now and the answer lies in your child’s age. Children younger than 3 years shouldn’t use more than the size of a grain of rice, as toddlers swallowing toothpaste is common. For children who are 3 and above a pea-sized […]

Why is Dental Treatment Expensive?

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Have you ever skipped a visit to a dentist? For some it is the fear of a painful experience, for others it’s the time crunch, but for a large section of the population, it is due to the cost of dental treatment in India. Dental treatment charges in Kolkata are high for a number of […]