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Meet Our

Highly Competent
Smile Experts

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The last few decades have seen quantum leaps in Technology which has made Dentistry today an extremely high tech area. Giant strides by science and technology have now made available ultra-sophisticated equipment that lets us attain accuracy to the tune of a few tenths of a millimeter.

Our heritage, shaped by the vision of Dr. K.K. Butta himself, has always been to be on the cutting edge of Technology. We are indeed awestruck when we contemplate that someone could have such foresight a good seven decades back in a country just starting to wake up in the dawn of Independence!

It is our vision to strive continuously to become and remain the most technologically advanced Dental care infrastructure, along with unmatched professional skillset and a fanatical zeal to maintain the highest grade of hygiene and sterilization.

It is this clarity of vision that has prompted us invest heavily into state of the art equipment confirming to the latest international trends and standards.

Ashok Sir edit | Dental World

Ashok Butta

Chairman, Dental World

Dr. Utsav Butta | Dental World

Dr. Utsav Butta

Oral & maxillofacial surgeon Certified Implantologist(Germany),Certified Head & Neck Reconstructive Surgeon(RCS, Edinburgh),Trauma Care Management Specialist

Dr. Kritika K. Butta | Dental World

Dr. Kritika Butta

Clinical Director | Prosthodontist | TMJ Specialist, FICCMO | International Diplomate, American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine | Dental Sleep Medicine Specialist (TUFTS, Boston) | Certified Smile Design Specialist (New York)

Nandan Kumar Singh | Dental World

Dr. Nandan KS

MDS, Prosthodontist

Dr. Priyanka Basu | Dental World

Dr. Priyanka Basu

MDS, Periodontist

Dr. Krishnapriya Rajan | Dental World

Dr. Krishnapriya Rajan

Dr. Payel Basu | Dental World

Dr. Payel Basu

Dr. Roshni Jaiswal | Dental World

Dr. Roshni Jaiswal

Dr. Sanjeevani Ratti Chakraborty | Dental World

Dr. Sanjeevani Ratti Chakraborty

Dr. Suhina Mitra | Dental World

Dr. Suhina Mitra

Dr. Satarupa Chanda Das MDS Radiologist | Dental World

Dr. Satarupa Chanda

MDS, Radiologist

Dr. Swati Das | Dental World

Dr. Swati Das

MDS, Periodontist

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