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Journey of a Thousand Miles

They say a trip of a thousand long hauls begins with a single step. This expression is befitting to describe the journey Dr K K Butta set out on 60 years ago to bring alive his vision of a streamlined and standardized dental practice by furnishing the best in class dental care through competent and effective means pleasingly and transparently.

A practising dentist in Multan( Pakistan), Dr K K Butta’s father came to India in 1947 and opened a small dental clinic in Chitpur. After his father, Dr K K Butta studied hard to become a dentist and set up a more extensive establishment in Burrabazar( Kolkata). Dr K K Butta’s dental clinic was inaugurated by the Father of Modern Dentistry in India, Dr R Ahmed. This stimulant and support fueled his drive indeed further, and there was no looking back. Dr Butta travelled considerably and observed the lack of ultramodern individual and treatment installations in India, especially in Kolkata. He wanted to shift down from the traditional, back-dated dentistry rehearsed around and move towards a more majestic, sophisticated and technologically sound dental practice. Dr K K Butta was determined to bring transnational quality dentistry to the megacity to overcome the striking technological gap. At the same time, icing is affordable and within the millions’ reach. Hence Dental World was born, bringing a new dawn in dental care and education.

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