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How to Increase Implant Longevity

Implant Longevity – Implants are known as the most long-lasting method for tooth replacement. They are really helpful in achieving the most natural-looking smile, which can further provide you with a new sense of confidence. The best thing about implants is that they can last for a lifetime if taken care the right way, just as we do in the case of natural teeth.

Here’s how you can take care of your oral hygiene if you have Implants,

Brushing & flossingThe materials used in dental implants can’t decay or catch cavities, but it doesn’t mean that you will stop brushing and flossing. Whether only one tooth of yours is replaced or all of the teeth, brushing and flossing is a must. One should brush twice a day, especially before going to bed, to stop the bacteria from developing in the mouth at night and floss with a specially recommended floss by your dentist.




Night guards- A night guard for dental implants can cover against damages. If you clench or grind your teeth and also have dental implants, this can really maintain your oral health.

Quit smoking and tobacco– Smoking has adverse effects on the common as well as oral health of an individual and it negatively affects the outcome of nearly all therapeutic procedures performed in the oral cavity, including implant placement. The failure rate of implants is seen smokers. To increase implant survival in smokers, it is strongly instructed to stop the habit.

Avoid damaging foods– You should avoid biting on items that could potentially break or disturb your implanted tooth Which includes, ice, hard candy or any other hard items.

Choosing the right implant dentist- Finally, a long-lasting implant starts with an expert implant surgery done by only Dental Implant Surgeon with adequate experience in planning Implants.

DENTAL WORLD, uses the most advanced technology and dental implant systems to develop a personalized treatment plan for patients looking to replace their missing teeth to ensure success rate of implants is 100%

If you have any questions related to the implant treatment process or your overall oral health, seek a consultation with our Dental Implant’s Specialist at Dental World.


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