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Do Straight Teeth Matter?

Yes, absolutely! From improving oral health to improving confidence, straight teeth and an aligned bite creates a big impact on your life. To provide you with a better idea, we are sharing some benefits of having straight teeth.  

Health benefits

Healthier gums- when plaque gets stuck between crooked teeth then it gets really difficult to eliminate it, and that may lead to inflammation and infection in the gums. Gum disease can also lead to other health issues, as your overall health has a connection with your oral health and can lead to conditions like diabetes, stroke, premature birth, and heart disease. So that is why aligned teeth are best as they let you brush and floss properly. 

Risk of tooth decay decreased When teeth are crooked and misaligned, there are more places where plaque can hide. When not brushed off, the bacteria in plaque interact with the food you eat to release acids, which ultimately can cause cavities. Tooth decay is expensive to treat and it also may lead to pain and tooth loss. Straight teeth have greater access to brushing and flossing and can stay away from decaying teeth.

Improves the ability to chew- straight teeth lead to an ideal bite which also lets you chew. Productive chewing is really crucial for being capable of eating a well-balanced diet that contains all necessary vitamins and minerals, making this another health benefit of straight teeth.

Keeps jawbone strong and healthy- Significant spacing or excessive stress on the gums and teeth from a misaligned bite can lead to the breakdown of the bones that support the teeth. This may result in tooth loss and ache. Fixing the bite and straightening the teeth can help in preventing this. 

Aches and discomfort- the incorrect bite can lead to uneven bite forces or stress on the jaw point, which may also lead to TMJ pain, headaches, and migraines.  

Clear speech the teeth play an important role in producing certain speech sounds by directing airflow as a point of contact for the tongue. People with an excessive overbite or open bite will make a whistling sound while pronouncing-the “s” and “th” sounds. Straightening teeth with orthodontic treatment and creating an ideal bite, eliminates the whistling sound and will help in producing accurate speech sounds. 

Straight Teeth

Social benefits

Enhance confidence and self-esteem- when you are self-conscious about your smile, it has a negative impact on your self-esteem.  When you look best you will feel best and appreciating your smile will give you a huge boost in confidence and self-esteem. And this confidence will have a positive effect on your life as well. 

Better first impression- having straight teeth really matters because your smile is only the first thing that a person notices about you and can influence your first impression. Undoubtedly, having straight teeth doesn’t boost your IQ or make you more capable. But, creating the best possible first impression can surely be your bonus point. 

Better oral health, a better appearance, improved confidence and enhanced overall health are some of the benefits of having straight teeth. As for how to straighten teeth, start with a consultation with our expert orthodontist at Dental World. Schedule your appointment today!

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