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6 Practical Tips To Improve Your Smile

Who doesn’t believe in the power of the Smile! A good smile gives an instant boost to self-confidence and is the only makeup one needs to wear in order to look beautiful. A pretty smile comprises a healthy set of teeth and gums which can’t really be achieved overnight, therefore a good oral hygiene routine is a must!
Get your oral hygiene game up by following these simple oral hygiene tips:


1. Brushing and flossing-

It’s one of the simplest ways of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Brushing helps in removing harder shrine that sits into tartar, and frequent brushing helps teeth to stay healthier. Flossing helps in removing plaque between teeth and from under gumlines, where a toothbrush cannot reach. So, by this, the gums will remain healthy and remove all of the plaque.

2. Drinking plenty of water-

Water is said to be the healthiest drink for your smile and body. Water substantially flushes away the deposit of sand residue that gets collected in between our teeth and that cavity-causing bacteria really likes to eat. It also helps in diluting the acids produced by bacteria in the mouth.

3. Using a quality toothbrush-

Picking up the best toothbrush head that allows easy access to all surfaces of teeth. For the utmost of people, a soft-bristled toothbrush will be the most comfortable and safest choice. Vigorous brushing or applying a lot of force to the teeth may actually damage the gums, root surface, and also tooth enamel, therefore brush with hard bristles should be avoided.

4. Reducing tea, coffee, and red wine intake-

Drinks like tea, coffee, and red wine substantially gives a superficial stain to your teeth, that substantially a dentist can polish off. Coffee, tea, and wine all are acidic drinks that can actually damage the tooth enamel.

5. Avoiding tobacco-

Tobacco intake is largely effective to your teeth and gums. It may lead to serious problems, including bad breath, Tooth discoloration, leukoplakia, tooth loss, inflammation of the salivary gland openings on the roof of the mouth. Tobacco takers are 7 times more likely to develop the precedent condition because it diminishes the body’s immune system and makes it difficult to fight back.

6. Visiting your dentist timely-

Any dental issue can’t be corrected on its own, in fact teeth are the only organs of the body that do not self – heal. Never miss or delay Visiting your family dentist for a routine dental check – up and get your issues addressed before it gets complex.

A healthy smile does not only truly transfigure our appearance but is also the doorway to good overall health. If you want to improve your smile you can visit to our Smile Experts at Dental World Superspeciality Clinic.



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