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Sensitive Teeth – Everything You Need To Know

What is tooth sensitivity?

Whenever your teeth feel discomfort or pain as a response to certain stimuli such as after a bite of ice cream or spoonful of hot soup, that is what tooth sensitivity means. The discomfort may be a temporary or persistent problem.

Why are teeth sensitive?

Teeth sensitivity is mainly caused due to the exposure of the inner layers of your teeth, which is also known as dentin. It can only be exposed either from receding gums or enamel breakdown. However, sometimes, this tooth discomfort is caused by other factors too like a cavity, cracked tooth or a worn filling. Some causes of sensitivity are as follows-

  • Brushing too hard can cause the enamel, that protects the softer dentin underneath, to be worn out – particularly in the areas where teeth meet gums and lead to tooth sensitivity.
  • When the enamel is worn away due to the attacks of acid from acidic food and drinks, the dentin underneath is exposed which leads to sensitivity.
  • Naturally, gums may shrink back, and the roots of the teeth will be exposed and can be more sensitive root surfaces don’t have an enamel layer to protect them.
  • The habit of clenching and grinding can cause the enamel of teeth to be worn away and make teeth sensitive.

What are the symptoms of a sensitive tooth?

There are various signs which can help you know whether your teeth are sensitive or not. People with sensitive teeth can experience pain or discomfort as a response to certain triggers like –

  • Consuming hot foods or beverages
  • Having cold foods or beverages
  • Consuming acidic foods or beverages
  • Breathing cold air
  • Flossing or brushing
  • Using mouthwashes that contain alcohol

Though, the symptoms may come and go and can also range from mild to intense.


Sensitive Teeth


How to prevent sensitive tooth?

Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush- to avoid irritating your gums apply only minimum pressure when doing daily brushing. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are always best for teeth and if you are using anything other than that, make the switch!

There are several different factors that can cause tooth sensitivity, like worn enamel, exposed roots, cavity, cracks and even recent dental procedures. You can take care of your mildly sensitive teeth with desensitizing toothpaste and good oral hygiene. But if you are experiencing severe tooth sensitivity then you should call us and book an appointment with our dentist at Dental World, so that our dentist can help determine what’s causing your teeth sensitivity and recommend treatment to address the issue.

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