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10 Dental Hazard on Christmas

December is the most festive season of the year, especially when its christmas and new year begins with a big smile on all our faces. Making sure that our smile stays healthy always is a necessity and we should definitely take care of that by maintaining some healthy habits that should be followed everyday regardless of any festive season or occasion.

We don’t want to scare you or restrict you from having fun but definitely want to let you know about the consequences you might face while not following the rules.

Here are the few hazards mentioned that makes your dental problems trigger causing tooth pain and other dental issues.

Sugary Christmas Treats – In festive season we tend to consume more amount of sugary items than that we do in normal days, thus consuming more sugary treats leads to formation of acids that is not good for the teeth. Acid formation is not good for tooth enamel,the enamel can dissolve which ultimately can cause cavities or holes in your teeth.

Acidic drinks – Acidic drinks causes dental erosion. This is a condition where the tooth’s protective outer coating that is the enamel, is dissolved by acids. Once the enamel is removed, it can’t form back again or grow back.With time we are finding that the source of this acid is from foods and especially beverages,that includes soft drinks, fruit juices and even wine.

Hard Lollies – Resisting the abundance of hard sweets that are available during the holiday’s, but sucking candy canes and hard lollipops exposes your mouth to sugars for a long time and chewing on them can break fillings and even crack teeth.

Sticky lollies & desserts – Caramels, jellies,fruit gums all this makes you happy but is definitely not good for your teeth and gums. There are so many foods and beverages that tempt us during the festive season.The problem is, sticky lollies can get stuck on and between your teeth and cannot be removed easily by a simple rinse with water or even few seconds of brushing your teeth. If sticky foods remain against the teeth, the sugar within them can be used by plaque bacteria to produce acids.


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Silver Coins in Christmas pudding – There is an Australian tradition that consists of a rule that if you find penny in your pudding you will be wealthy, but that wealth definitely makes your dental health pay for it. Sudden biting of the penny causes breakage to your teeth and thus in whatever situation you are in you have to run to the dentist for care. The sudden pressure might break your crown or fillings of the teeth.

Opening things using your teeth – Opening gifts or food packets or bottles with your teeth is a bad habit to avoid not only during holidays but all year round, to make sure your teeth doesn’t break.Using teeth to open bottles or even anything harmless things like gift wrappers cause great damage to your teeth, and may unfortunately make you have an emergency dental visit.

Grinding teeth through stress – Stress causes some people to grind their teeth, this habit can lead to a lot of damage on teeth.Teeth grinding makes the tips of the teeth to flatten. It causes teeth and fillings to crack or break away entirely. As a result teeth becomes sensitive or sore.

During this festive season, be aware of your stress levels and make sure you relax more.If you feel your teeth clenching,make sure your jaw is relaxed so that they separate automatically.

Chocolates, wines & coffee – The commonly eaten foods during the holiday’s are jam’s, chocolates, coffee and all. Overconsumption of these dark-colored foods and drinks causes stains on teeth. Smoking tobacco products also causes stains to appear on your teeth.

Under the weather – Brushing and flossing your teeth are the things that help you maintain good oral health. Every time you skip brushing teeth before going to bed you are developing risk of tooth decay. Thus regardless of tiredness or laziness, doing your everyday dental routine is very much necessary especially at night.

Putting off Dental Work – Delay scheduled dental work during the holidays makes your condition deteriorate.Might as well lead to dental emergency during the holidays, when many dental clinics are either closed or working for shorter hours.

Thus, visiting your doctor before going for vacation is a necessity.

The basic things that you need to keep in mind for your dental health while you are in for the festive season especially the christmas month where lots of chocolates and beverages are mandatory.

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly especially following the night routine.
Trying as much as you can avoid sweet, sugary food items and also beverages like wines, coffee and any kind of drinks.
After eating any hard or sticky food like lollies or gummies making sure to clean your teeth properly so that nothing remains in between your teeth.
Visiting your dentist before Christmas eve so you don’t face any troubles during the festival.

In case you make any similar hazard during December and start experiencing problems during the Christmas, then you should call us on +91 98301 84084 and book an appointment with our especially trained dentists at Dental World, so that you get better treatment and also get to spend a Happy Christmas with a big smile on your face.

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